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What Does a 30-Day Inpatient Rehab Include?

Substance abuse is one of the modern world’s most severe concerns. 

Unfortunately, it isn’t easy to overcome addiction, especially on your own. This is the primary reason why there are rehab programs in place. Rehab programs help those suffering from substance abuse and allows them to lead a better life. 28 to 30-day rehab programs are some of the most popular ones, but what does a 30-day inpatient rehab program include?

The inpatient rehab program begins with a substance abuse test and assessment. During this test, the participant is evaluated based on their drug or alcohol use history. You’re also examined for medical and mental health issues. During your 30-day rehab program, you’ll be working with a professional to develop a personalized treatment plan that is designed to meet your specific needs. It will also help you understand the course of action over your inpatient rehab period of 28 or 30 days.

The next phase of your inpatient rehab program is detoxification. This is one of the most crucial aspects of the recovery process. It involves getting rid of all substances present in the body sustainably. Based on the substance, there could be varying levels of extreme discomfort and severe withdrawal symptoms. Many of the substances have intense withdrawal symptoms and can be life-threatening if not taken care of with the help of a professional. With the help of a formal rehab program, there is a relief as you have professionals taking care of you. These professionals can help reduce discomfort and, in extreme cases, remove the possibility of death through medications, constant monitoring, and support. 

As the program progresses, the attention ships to therapy. Through effective treatment and counseling, you’ll receive tremendous psychological support. There are various types of therapy treatments involved, from personal to group therapy. Many rehab programs offer 12-step meetings. When you enroll for an inpatient rehab program, you are exposed to a 360-degree approach to wellness.

During the course of your program, you will be in constant contact with your assigned therapist. Your therapist will help create a personal aftercare plan. This usually includes therapy, living arrangements, and group support. Inpatient 30-day rehab programs emphasize the importance of proper aftercare. You are discharged from the program once a solid aftercare plan has been put into place, and you’ve completed the entire program.

Each rehab center has its 30-day rehab program, but many follow this basic outline of events and plans.

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