Specialized Program for Treatment of Addiction Trauma

Nova Vitae Treatment Center is excited to offer a special program for individuals who are suffering from trauma, including PTSD. Addiction often comes with a host of traumatic experiences, and seeking help for this psychological and emotional turmoil is an essential part of the recovery process. Trauma can also lead a person to seek relief from addictive substances in the first place, so working through it can help prevent relapse.

Our addiction trauma program staff are trained in contemporary trauma therapies and experienced in conducting therapy in a way that is safe and effective for trauma survivors.

Nova Vitae Treatment Center Trauma Focus Program

The Trauma Focus Program offers a spiritual approach to care. This integrative approach makes it possible to fully restore the mind, body, and spirit. This short term program includes:

  • Individual therapy
  • Peer group work, led by a therapist
  • Art therapy
  • Meditation groups
  • Yoga
  • Medication management (if necessary)
  • Psycho-educational group lectures
  • Therapeutic recreation outings
  • EMDR therapy

The Nova Vitae Treatment Center staff are professionally trained in counseling and therapy, providing this program with a body of knowledge and clinical expertise that has contributed to improving the lives of hundreds of individuals suffering from addiction-related trauma.

How is EMDR Used to Treat Addiction Trauma?

Nova Vitae Treatment Center uses a variety of traditional and holistic therapeutic methods. EMDR, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a technique used to relieve psychological stress which is particularly effective at treating PTSD.

During this therapy, you are asked to recall distressing events while your attention is diverted with simple gestures such as eye movements and hand clapping. It is often less upsetting to recall negative experiences while distracted. Your brain has less processing power to devote to strong emotional reactions, which helps you talk about traumatic events more openly. Over time, you are able to lessen your emotional reaction to the negative experience, which helps you process it better and put it behind you.