Tobacco abuse is a remedial problem, but its effects on the world’s population are among the most detrimental. This is the number one preventable cause of death in developed countries around the world. Clinicians work as advocates in promoting effective detox programs and working closely with smoking patients to quit.

The Nova Vitae Treatment Center provides an evaluation of tobacco abuse cases which is focused on educating the patient about the benefits of tobacco detox. Withdrawal symptoms are expected during the recovery process. Cessation methods will be implemented with the utmost dedication, these consist of:

• Counseling


• Antidepressant Medications

• Behavioral Training

• Group Therapy

• Hypnosis

Professional group therapies and counseling activities have an initial cessation rate of 60-100 percent. After one year, the cessation rate is approximately 20 percent. Other popular programs are hypnosis and acupuncture, which result in repeat attempts by the patient in order to achieve to desired results.

A successful cessation from smoking can result in weight gains, this means patients should be encouraged to adopt a healthy diet and exercise routine following the detox treatment. A healthy exercise routine can also help alleviate possible withdrawal symptoms.

When tobacco use becomes a severe addiction, counseling can present an effective solution. An in-depth approach to counseling looks at the individual’s history of tobacco use, level of addiction, current health status, and willingness to quit. The assessment is then followed up with advice and assistance to quit. Brief interventions are performed which last for a short time, these incorporate education and professional advice to help individuals in their fight against tobacco addiction.

The NVTC provides personalized and educational treatment programs for tobacco abuse cases in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area. If a loved one in your life is experiencing the life-threatening consequences of a tobacco addiction, please visit or call our office today at (818) 824-6839