In general, teens that enter college experience a newfound level of independence and exposure to peer pressure that can result in the consumption of alcohol or use of drugs. Initial drinking and drug use in college is a frequent indicator of addiction in later life. The Nova Vitae Treatment Center is highly trained to evaluate the root problems that lead to drug or alcohol addiction, including the physical and social aspects.

How Can Teen Drug Detox Help?

In numerous cases, the youth consume alcohol to relieve themselves of a deeper personal problem. This can be caused by stress, overwork, or social issues. If drugs or alcohol become a coping mechanism to deal with these issues, then the teen’s health could be at risk. A dependence on a chemical solution such as alcohol can be dangerous for the young individual. The first step to resolving a problem of this nature is through communication.

Parents need to look for problems and identify the right time in which they should intervene. Some adolescents need a certified addiction specialist that can understand the problem they are dealing with and provide the attention they seek. Communication can be vital to helping adolescents overcome their internal conflict and reduce their physical attachment to alcohol or drugs.

The Nova Vitae Treatment Center works with adolescents and their parents in resolving serious drug or alcohol addiction cases. Our solutions range from therapy to comprehensive alcohol and drug treatment plans. If you are worried about the health of a loved one who has been consuming alcohol or using drugs, please call our center today. Our office serves the regions around Los Angeles County and San Fernando Valley.