What is Speed Addiction?

Metamphetamine, or speed, is a prescription medication that alters chemicals in the brain. It can be prescribed to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms as well as for weight loss. Speed use can be a habit and addictive. One in four adults tend to lie about ADHD symptoms to obtain these prescription medications.

Users must take precautions when using this medication with other substances. Overdosing on speed can be dangerous and deadly. There are several speed detox treatments available at the Nova Vitae Treatment Center that can help with addiction issues.

Speed addiction is easy for friends and family members to notice. A client addicted to speed may use more medication than prescribed or recommended. Addicted users will frequently use the medication without a prescription. A prescription bottle that is empty before scheduled refill may indicate an addiction. Other signs include mood swings, agitation, irritability, and being anti-social.

What Treatment Options are Available?

Take note of any speed addiction symptoms in your loved one so you can help them immediately. This problem can lead to dramatic lifestyle changes and it is important to prevent a worsening of the problem. Addiction treatment is available for all affected individuals. To discuss your treatment options with us, please call the Nova Vitae Treatment Center and schedule a consultation.