What is a Soma Addiction?

Soma is classified as a muscle relaxant drug that treats muscle spasms, injury, and recurring pain. It intercepts messages sent from the nerves to the brain. Patients do eventually develop a dependence on the drug, where the recovery can be difficult.

If you or a loved one is affected by a Soma addiction, please call the Nova Vitae Treatment Center to discuss your options for treatment. Together, we can develop the most proper treatment plans for you. Recovery from a Soma addiction can be met with various challenges and complications. Some individuals may believe they do not have an addiction at all. Prescription drug addicts may also want to protect their shame and embarrassment, which prevents them from seeking professional treatment.

How can Soma Detox Help?

Individuals who have used Soma for only several weeks will already be too invested in the drug and will have significant withdrawal symptoms if they try to stop. Only a medically supervised detox program from the Nova Vitae Treatment Center can help in preventing the risk of associated health problems.

Signs of soma addiction include taking more pills than prescribed, in greater frequency, and requiring higher doses to achieve pain relief. Some individuals believe they are just treating pain, but the body builds up a high tolerance for the drug that requires higher doses to achieve the desired effects. If you recognize someone you care about prescribing more medications than necessary, you must help them immediately.

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