People that age can become more vulnerable to risks of alcohol and prescription drug addictions. Cases of senior alcohol and drug abuse are more difficult to correct than other demographics. Various environmental forces affect individuals around the age of 60, this includes retirement, passing on of close friends or family, and doctor visits are more frequent. These factors contribute to an increasing amount of stress on the individual.

Boredom and loneliness can drive any individual to drink alcohol. This is often the case with seniors who develop an addiction. The harmful effects of alcohol abuse are visible when they interact with the regular medications that seniors regularly take. These effects may include a higher chance of falling and failure of major organs. Alcohol dependence results in more detrimental effects on the body and brain in seniors than in other age groups.

Drug overdose can also affect seniors, especially because this age group requires more prescription drugs than in others. Prescription drugs are frequently taken by seniors who wish to stabilize any physical or emotional pain. Overdosing on drugs such as pain killers or benzodiazepines can result in problems however, which can transform healthy individuals into alcoholics or drug addicts.

We work with dedicated drug abuse specialists who are experienced in treating senior drug addictions. Counseling sessions can help affected seniors understand the consequences that addiction brings upon their life and the lives of their loved ones. Those whose addiction stems from emotional pain can work with grief specialists to help ease them through the process.

Loved ones of the seniors who wish to help can suggest effective drug treatment and alcohol detox programs. The Nova Vitae Treatment Center provides some of the most extensive therapy and drug addiction treatments in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area. If you notice symptoms of an addiction problem that a senior you care about is experiencing, please call us today.