Anyone may fall prey to the disease of addiction, even those raised in the Christian faith. Whether it’s alcohol, a prescription drug, or another illicit substance, addiction serves to turn your heart towards yourself and away from God. But God is still there for you. Sometimes, people just need a helping hand to pull themselves out of darkness.

Just because you are addicted does not mean that you are evil or you cannot be redeemed. You have just fallen ill, and with the help of a professional rehabilitation program, plus the power of God, you can recover.

Whether you are a committed Christian or if you have struggled with your faith, addiction treatment is the perfect way to recenter your life around God. There is nothing like the healing grace of a higher power to help you feel whole again.

Benefits of Christian-Based Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Programs

  • Sharing the journey with a group of fellow Christians
  • Renewing your faith as you rebuild your life
  • Learning what Christ has to say about forgiveness and healing
  • Leaning on the support of a higher power

Faith-based treatment is not for everyone, especially if you practice another religion or no religion at all. Nova Vitae has many other treatment options available, including those that employ nonsectarian spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga.

Choosing to attend a rehabilitation program for any addiction is a potentially life-changing decision that requires careful thought. Picking the right facility and treatment program that meets the addict’s individual needs greatly increases the chances of a successful recovery.

The last piece of the puzzle is what you have to contribute to your own treatment process. Recovery from addiction is rarely successful without the patient’s complete cooperation. Are you willing and ready to discover a better life?

If so, and if you are Christian, consider a faith-based approach to addiction treatment. A person’s religious and spiritual beliefs are often the source of meaning in their lives. This makes them especially powerful as tools for overcoming addiction. Let your faith guide you toward a stronger life in Christ.