There are a number of events that patients can become involved in to increase their awareness of major health issues. The World AIDS Day Celebration is held annually to advocate for universal access for patients diagnosed with HIV. The goal of the celebration is to raise public awareness for issues such as the lack of support for HIV-infected populations. Greater awareness of these issues can contribute to the battle against the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

The United American Indian Involvement office is host to the UAII Wellbriety Event, which is an opportunity for addiction experts to connect with the Native American Community on alcohol and drug addiction. The event involves cultural activities and games to create a welcoming atmosphere for the guests. An educational session on alcohol dependence and drug addiction treatments is then held to ensure that affected individuals understand that assistance is available.

Healthy Way LA is a coverage plan that allows patients diagnosed with mental health disorders to receive free treatment. The Nova Vitae Treatment Center provides a number of mental health treatments that may be covered by HWLA. Services covered by HWLA are provided in a single location with a minimal amount of traveling involved. Our staff can also check to ensure your eligibility for the plan and help you enroll if you qualify. HWLA is completely free and provided to you without assuming any cost.

Recovery Month is an annual event running during the month of September. This is geared towards individuals who have recently started on their recovery from drug and alcohol addictions. The event helps guests focus on their recovery and overcome the challenges of withdrawal.

The Nova Vitae Treatment Center provides information on numerous events held around the local area for those affected by mental health disorders or addictions. Please call us today for information about upcoming events or programs.