An increasing number of patients in the country die from drug overdoses each year. This number is even greater than the number of deaths from car accidents or crime. The first step to reversing the trend is to gain awareness of the problem beforehand.

While heroin addicts are a frequent representation of individuals experiencing prescription drug addiction, a large percentage of deaths also arise from cases that involve painkillers. These drugs are obtained legally and taken in high doses by the patient. This is an easy problem to ignore because of the legal status of these drugs.

How Can Prescription Drug Detox Help?

At the Nova Vitae Treatment Center in Los Angeles, we provide information that will education you about the risks of prescription drug abuse and addiction. It is also essential to learn about the procedures to take in the event of an overdose.

Drug overdose awareness is one of the most critical steps in the prevention process. Understanding the side effects of prolonged prescription drug abuse increases the resistance against the need to take them. Pain killers carry a number of effects from extensive dosage, these can include:

  • Irritability
  • Forgetfulness
  • Hallucinations
  • Development of Dependence
  • Dizziness
  • Possible Liver Damage

Eventually, the behavior of the addict will change, which will begin to be noticeable to their friends and family. Recurring periods of forgetfulness and irritating behavior could be a warning sign of a growing addiction problem.

The NVTC is dedicated to providing effective treatment options for prescription drug addictions. Detox is available for those whose lives are threatened by an existing addiction. If you have noticed the warning signs of an impending addiction or mental health problem from your loved one, call us today to schedule an appointment.