One of the most rewarding, but challenging tasks is raising a child. Though the job looks uncomplicated, children require a special amount of care and attention to help them grow into healthy individuals later in life. Each child has their own personality, and there is no universal rule for raising one. The Nova Vita Treatment Center is here to help develop innovative solutions that are right for your own case.

It is the parent’s job to work individually with their children and develop their behaviors, social skills, and life skills to develop healthy relationships. Parenting is difficult, but it can be one of the most rewarding aspects of adult life.

Parents have a far more influential impact on their child than any other person or environmental variable. Psychotherapy and counseling provided at the Nova Vitae Treatment Center can help parents in multiple ways. Some parents may have physiological or emotional problems that add to the challenge of parenting. Individual therapy can reduce the level of anxiety that parents experience in order to help them be more effective in parenting their children.

Our counseling programs also aim to improve communication between the parent and child. We develop strategies to ensure positive, consistent communication from the parent to the child. Positive communication includes showing affection, positive feedback, joking, and giving gifts or treats. Most cases where positive communication has been applied have resulted in a reduction of behavioral problems.

If you’re parent who is struggling to prevent stress from interfering with your parenting job, you can call the Nova Vitae Treatment Center for effective solutions that can work for the short and long term.