Opiate drugs come second to alcohol as the most widespread and persistent drug addiction issue worldwide. In the U.S., there are more than one million opiate addicts, with a 770 percent in states such as Vermont. Out of all the drugs, individuals addicted to opiates have the highest risk of overdosing.

How can Detoxification Help?

Since most opiate drugs are unpredictable and encompass a number of risks, treatment centers provide a variety of treatment options. The Nova Vitae Treatment Center offers a treatment program that includes abstinence as well as detoxification measures. Detoxification is the controlled withdrawal from a drug. During this process, withdrawal symptoms may occur, which include anxiety, agitation, tremors, muscles aches, and nausea. These reactions may last for a week or more depending on the abruptness of the withdrawal.

What is Methadone Maintenance?

Methadone maintenance provides an alternative solution for addicts who cannot avoid taking the drug. More than 100,00 addicts in the U.S. use methadone that is dispensed under medical supervision. Addicts take liquid doses of the drug, in which a single dose lasts for up to 36 hours. Medical and educational aid is provided along with the dispensed drugs. Methadone can be continued or gradually reduced to prepare for complete withdrawal from the drug. Approximately 25 percent of patients become abstinent, 25% continue to take the drug, and 50% take it on rare occasions.

The Nova Vitae Treatment Center is heavily specialized in treating addictions for opiate drugs such as methadone and heroin. If a loved one of yours is affected by an opiate addiction that is threatening their life, you can call us today at (818) 824-6839