What is Meth Addiction?

The Nova Vitae Treatment Center provides essential behavioral and medical treatments for clients with methamphetamine or meth addiction. This is a powerful drug that alters your central nervous system. It will produce a heightened sense of euphoria, leading you to believe you are invincible. Once the initial effects fade away however, you will experience a crash.

During the crash period, the intense feelings you have felt will be replaced by cravings, anxiety, paranoia, hostility, and aggression. This state can also be known as “tweaking”. You may binge on crystal meth to avoid feeling the crash, but it can also lead to overdose, leading to hallucinations, anxiety, extreme aggression, delusions, and death.

How can Meth Detox Help?

Withdrawal from methamphetamine can cause periods of low energy, depression, and overeating. A detox center can help you remove the toxins from the body and recover with the support you or your loved one will need. The Nova Vitae Treatment Center can help you stay safe and comfortable during the withdrawal period. As our top priority, you will receive the highest quality meth addiction treatment, including personalized and supervised care.

We are available throughout the day and week to answer your questions and ease your fears in finding the right method of treatment. Please call our office to schedule a complimentary consultation.