What is Marijuana Abuse?

Marijuana abuse can be as serious as other types of substance use disorders, with less severe long-term effects. Most people who seek treatment have been using the substance daily for years or decades. For some individuals, it can be a problem and they fail to seek treatment believing they are not addicted.

Individuals experience several factors that lead them towards the road to addiction. Those who have pre-existing psychiatric conditions are more likely to experience addiction to marijuana. Abuse can also co-occur with existing substance abuse problems such as cocaine or alcohol.

How can Marijuana Detox Help?

The team at the Nova Vitae Treatment Center in Woodland Hills understands that accepting that you have a marijuana addiction is difficult. It is easy to believe that the substance is not addictive. Self-blame can also happen if additional problems arise from an addiction. Nova Vitae can help you or your loved one be aware of the conditions and treat them at their source.

Regardless of what lead to the abuse of marijuana, it can affect an individual’s life immensely and lead to further conditions. We can help you understand the addiction, its underlying factors, and provide consistent support to re-establish self-confidence. Our treatment approach builds upon years of training and using advanced, modern, methods backed by a history of success.

If you have a recognized an addiction problem with a friend or family member and truly care about their well-being, you must call Nova Vitae and discuss our treatment options.