When conducted in an effective manner, an intervention may provide positive results by helping to stop an addiction problem through confrontation. An intervention process gathers all friends and families together to encourage the addict to receive the help they need. Generally, when families opt for an intervention program, it is after all other efforts to help their loved ones have been unsuccessful.

The Nova Vitae Treatment Center works with the families and friends of the affected individual to prepare a confrontation in a controlled environment. When the addict reaches the expected area of intervention, all members of his or her circle inform them of the difficult realities that a life dominated by an addiction can bring. By helping them understand the struggles of managing an addiction, intervention can help addicts overcome denial and resistance.

Technology can be incorporated into an intervention to provide easier access for the treated parties and their loved ones. Substance abuse assessments and individual counseling can be conducted through telecommunications methods, including phone, e-mail, and video-conferencing. Through this step, brief intervention and treatment becomes integrated to deliver a comprehensive recovery process.

If a loved one of yours is struggling with an addiction that is endangering their life, the interventionists at the NVTC can establish a personalized plan of recovery. Please call us today at (818) 824-6839 to schedule your next appointment.