The Nova Vitae Treatment Center offers options for healthcare for various medical issues. This includes testing for hepatitis and forming assessments. Health education as well as treatment is provided to individuals who are concerned about the risks of the disease. Blood tests are performed to detect instances of a hepatitis B infection. If an infection exists, our doctors can provide vaccinations to treat any strain of the disease.

Preventive services such as screenings, counseling, vaccinations, and controlled tests are available to look for and treat health risks before they occur. Preventative care can be influential in managing medical problems before they lead to alcohol or drug addiction. The preventive care services at the NVTC include procedures such as:

• Cancer Screenings

• Medical Nutrition

• Behavioral Therapy

• Diabetes Screening

• Bone Mass Measurements

• Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening

• Immunizations

• Physical Examinations

• Tobacco Cessation Counseling

There is also care available for co-occurring disorders in both adults and youth. Medical assisted treatments are provided to those affected by a simultaneous drug and alcohol addiction. For youth drug and alcohol treatments, dual diagnosis options are available to treat multiple disorders.

If you or loved one you know requires comprehensive healthcare and preventive services, the Nova Vitae Treatment Center is available to meet your needs.