Drug and alcohol education provided by the Nova Vitae Treatment Center helps individuals become more aware of the negative effects of addiction. Addiction brings a number of risks to a person’s life as well as the lives of their friends and loved ones. Drug and alcohol education in Los Angeles is available at Nova Vitae Treatment Center.

Our addiction treatments work with clients and provide informative sessions that outline the effects of addiction as well as the resources needed to reverse it. An educated client has a more thorough understanding of what the mind and body is going through. They can make better decisions moving forward on improving their livelihoods and recovering an addiction-free life.

Constant drug use leads to physical, emotional, and psychological dependence. It is a dynamic process that requires an equally multi-faceted approach to treatment. Another critical factor for successful treatment is social support, which is invaluable to an individual undergoing detox.

A psycho-educational group serves to educate clients on particular disorders and strategies to cope with those disorders. Common issues discussed in psycho-education group therapy includes depression, anxiety, trust, medications, addictions, stress, and relationships. Clients are provided with tools and resources to use to prevent relapse or obstacles to recovery. Participating individuals have improved self-awareness and can identify opportunities for growth and positive resources for treatment.

The Nova Vitae Treatment Center provides guidance for continued education on the effects and risks of addiction. You can find more information regarding drug and alcohol education by calling our office and speaking with our staff.