The impact of crystal meth varies according to whether the individual is male or female. The drug results in more physical damage to the woman’s body as well as a higher risk of mental trauma. Educating youths about the consequences of meth use is important before they become influenced to consume the substance.

How Does Addiction Affect Women Differently than Men?

As they grow closer to the age of adulthood, young women also develop a feeling of invincibility that their young male counterparts display. This results in a higher likelihood of consuming drugs, which include meth. The immediate consequences for meth use involves the events that occur when surrounded by other users, this includes rape, serious injury, and death.

Trauma can also result from prolonged use, in addition to damaged reproductive organs, brain tissue, heart, liver, or lungs. Relapse can occur during the recovery period, which inhibits the process and endangers the life of the individual.

Women with drug addictions are also more vulnerable to suffering physical and mental health issues. Drugs containing heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine are especially influential in this regard. For affected mothers, childcare is available to ensure their child is secure during the treatment. Gender responsive treatments focus on the specific needs of the woman and include medical detoxification, residential housing, and extensive outpatients services.

What Gender-Specific Programs are Available?

At the Nova Vitae Treatment Center, our doctors specialize in recognizing the different responses to drug addiction that women experience. Our women-specific programs use trauma-based counseling techniques to improve the results of the treatment. Eligible women can opt for housing with children to protect family bonds during the recovery process.

If an addiction threatens the life of someone you know, please contact the NVTC to discuss the treatment plans we have available.