Nova Vitae Treatment Center believes in helping family through their loved one’s recovery process. The goals of our Family Program are creating healthy boundaries, teaching effective communication, and rebuilding trusting relationships. During the client’s treatment at Nova Vitae, families are encouraged to be involved in counseling and therapy, as well as attend family educational courses and process groups.

As soon as they realize they are not in control of the addict or their destructive behavior, they can begin to heal. Our program helps families take responsibility for their own health and happiness, leave unhealthy behaviors behind, and begin a new life of recovery. We encourage goal setting with a counselor or therapist and teach healthy coping methods and boundaries to set while moving forward with life after treatment.

The Family Program Involves:

  • Group discussions and processing of feelings or traumatic experiences
  • Educational presentations by clinical staff on substance abuse and recovery
  • Fellowship with other participants
  • Personal goal setting
  • Counseling and therapy with or without the addict
  • Couples counseling available

During their loved one’s stay at Nova Vitae, families are encouraged to be involved in both individual and group therapy. For more information about our Family Program, call us today at (818) 824-6839. We are here to help.