Throughout history, drugs have stimulated the human body in a number of areas, including the brain. The numerous drugs available can produce different short-term effects, but they all can result in addiction. A variety of effects can be sustained from drug consumption, this includes increased, heart rate, high blood pressure, lightheadedness, mood changes, and paranoia. When the drugs are taken in high doses, more dangerous symptoms can develop, including heart attacks, stroke, breathing failures, and comas.

Long-term drug abuse can lead to mental and physical effects that can be damaging. The organs can be affected, especially the lungs and heart. They can also compromise the immune system, leaving the individual vulnerable to high disease risks. Additional effects that are just as serious include paranoia and psychosis.

Drug addiction and dependence stems from the need to consume the substances to satisfy a recreational need. This desire can be uncontrollable and become an obstruction to the person’s daily life. The need for the drug overcomes any rational thought about the consequences.

A drug overdose is accompanied by signs such as:

  • Loss of Consciousness
  • Fever
  • Breathing Abnormalities
  • Irregular Pulse Rate
  • Change in Skin Color

The Nova Vitae Treatment Center guides affected individuals away from the devastating consequences of drug addictions. Drug intervention works by influencing the drug addict to seek effective rehabilitation. The specialists at the NVTC work with family and friends to imprint the life-damaging realities of drug addiction onto the mind of the affected individual. This is the most difficult process of the intervention program and requires an in-depth understanding of the addict’s struggle with the problem.

Drug detox involves a full withdrawal from the use of the substance. The person may respond with relapse as the body adapts to a drug-free condition. Controlled amounts of medicinal drugs can also be used to help the individual through the process.

On-site detox is also available at Nova Vitae Treatment Center, where patients can receive care in a peaceful and accommodating environment. We design a treatment atmosphere that eliminates distractions and allows you to focus on your healing. We offer private rooms upon request, individually designed detox protocol, peaceful home environment, cell phone and lap top access, and high quality meals.

A doctor or rehab center can help individuals fight the addiction and benefit from effective solutions. The primary goal of a rehabilitation program is to help the former addict adjust to a life free of drugs without any complications. Treatment option for drug addictions include:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Support Groups
  • Individual Counseling

Additional programs are also available for specific groups, including seniors, military personnel, and Native Americans.

The Nova Vitae Treatment Center is located around the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas and specializes in providing a full array of drug prevention, intervention, and treatment services. If a drug addiction is present in a loved one’s life, please call us today to schedule an appointment.