Domestic violence has frequently been associated with the presence of alcohol or drug abuse. While the existence of one does not suggest the other exists, both problems can be treated through effective intervention.

Alcoholism draws frequent associations with spousal or child abuse in a family, which is a false interpretation. Additional studies have shown that episodes of violence occur during periods of alcohol abuse rather than alcohol dependence. This means domestic violence is more likely to occur with binge drinkers than consistent or heavy drinkers. Violence is also carried out more under this influence because any rational thought of the consequences have dissipated.

Illegal drug abuse also raises the probability of domestic violence. The use of drugs can also be a result of violent tendencies, in which individuals use them to relieve feelings of anger. Withdrawals from drugs can also stir the anger of the affected person, which results in sparks of violence.

Generally however, alcohol or drug abuse is only a symptom of violence rather than the cause. Both the violent tendencies and addiction muse be treated simultaneously or the events will re-occur. Domestic violence and anger management solutions can be delivered through individual counseling, group sessions, or mental health treatments. Family counseling is also available to help the victims heal.

Comprehensive therapy and anger management services in the Los Angeles area can be provided by the therapists at the Nova Vitae Treatment Center. If you are the victim of domestic violence and desire a peaceful recovery program, you can contact us today for an appointment.