Our psychotherapy services involve treating mental health issues such as depression that affect patients. We manage a specially developed facility that helps patients find relief from depression. There is no need to live your life with prolonged pain and emotional problems, we can help turn your life towards a positive direction.

Signs of depression include extreme emotional reactions, frequent panic attacks, or prolonged sadness. They can also be a sign of bipolar disorder. Nova Vitae provides the most specialized facilities to treat patients affected by depression.

We also recognize individuals who may need dual diagnosis for a co-occurring disorder. This type of disorder occurs when an individual had a mental health condition that accompanies an ongoing addiction. Dual diagnosis allows both the addiction and disorder to be treated and strengthen the individual’s long-term recovery. Common co-occurring disorders can include bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

Treatments for depression vary depending on the individual patient’s case. There are various options for patients experiencing signs and symptoms of depression. The initial solution we recommend is to seek support from friends and family. We also recommend making some lifestyle changes to gain an understanding of why you feel this way. Professional treatments from psychiatrists and psychologists can be effective when other methods have been exhausted.

You can also help a family member with depression by providing support and consistently being in contact. Depression treatments at Nova Vitae can also be effective and our specialists are highly trained in helping individuals turn around their lives.

To set up an evaluation for anxiety and discussing potential solutions, please call the Nova Vitae Treatment Center at (818) 824-6839. Our psychotherapy services are provided at reasonable fees.