We CAN Help You & Your Family IN COURT!

While laws can vary depending on regions of the world, individuals found to be abusing drugs can expect to face serious penalties and punishments. Punishments can range from life sentences to prolonged periods of probation.  Often times Child Services can get involved.  The team at Nova Vitae Treatment Center can help!

In the United States, if an individual is caught possessing illegal drugs, they can face fines and jail time. Each state has varying jail time laws and also takes into account the previous record of the individual in question. The average amount of jail time for illegal drug possession in the United States is between 30 and 40 months.

Those selling drugs will face harsher penalties, with strict minimum sentences in each state around the country. Individuals with repeated violations may see up to 9 years in prison. There needs to be only an intent to sell to warrant a conviction. Evidence that can be used against convicted individuals include large containers of cash, measuring scales, or small bags.

Since the legal consequences of illegal drug possession are severe, those affected by addiction must seek assistance and support immediately. If you know of someone affected by regular drug use, you must reach out to them and provide the help they need. The health repercussions are even more serious than the financial and legal risks, do not lose your loved ones to the darkness of addiction.

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