Experience Sobriety Together at Nova Vitae Addiction Treatment

Maintaining a strong, loving relationship is not easy. It takes patience, commitment, and hard work. A long-term couple must choose each other, over and over again, day by day.

There are many problems that challenge a couple’s commitment, including trust issues, financial strains, time management, and infidelity, but one of the most challenging is addiction. It’s hard enough when one partner is suffering from addiction, but when both partners are fighting the same battle, the road to recovery becomes much bumpier.

Addiction puts couples in a painful and difficult situation. They may feel that they’re enabling each other, and this guilt can destroy a relationship. Fortunately, help is available in the Nova Vitae Couples Treatment Program.

This program is customized for the specific issues faced by couples struggling with addiction. Initially, we focus on individual recovery by combining specialized therapies and other evidence-based treatment options to help each person get a handle on their addiction.

We also recognize that couples should be treated together because their issues are interlinked. We employ joint therapy sessions to help couples resolve their issues and support each other in recovery. We also introduce the couples to new activities that they can enjoy together. Building the bond between the couple provides both individuals the foundation for a healthy, addiction-free relationship.

Advantages of the Couples Treatment Program

Even when couples make a decision to get sober together, the process can be very difficult. It is not uncommon for couples to grow apart, especially if they enter separate rehab facilities. Participating in separate programs may help resolve the each partner’s individual issues, but it often fails to address the couple as a single unit and nurture the role of both partners in each other’s recovery.

By enrolling couples in the same recovery program, Nova Vitae makes sure both partners share the same timeline and go through the same process as they work to overcome their addiction. The journey towards sobriety is difficult to walk alone. It is better shared, with a loving partner by your side.