Community Health Counseling Centers provide extensive support to individuals and families who require assistance in treating mental health issues such as addictions or disorders. The programs address problems such as depression, abuse, trauma, relationship issues, anxiety, and stress. These problems are resolved through a number of treatment and support services, which consist of:

• Youth Programs

• Medical Detoxification

• Sober Living Housing

• After Care

• Family Counseling

For individuals affected by HIV, community programs provide workshops that include testing, self help groups, prevention messages, and harm reduction strategies. The Nova Vitae Treatment Center delivers primary medical care for HIV cases, the services focus on delivering basic treatment education and comprehensive treatments for the disease.

To prevent homelessness for HIV-affected individuals, housing programs provide rooms around the Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Fernando Valley, and Antelope Valley areas. The homes available specialize in co-occurring or gender-specific disorders.

Those experiencing addictions to Tobacco can opt for a community control program. These institutions offer services that increase the awareness of tobacco addiction and reduce the use of the drug. They include:

• Support Groups

• Personalized Programs

• Nicotine Addiction Evaluations

• Small Group Sessions

• Face-to-Face Counseling

• Smoking Discontinuation Classes

In addition to HIV and substance abuse cases, community programs also work with those affected by mental health disorders. Diagnosis services, group sessions, and family counseling are available to those who are experiencing a mental health problem.

During group counseling, group goals and methodology are evaluated to determine which types of groups are used. Each group session is under the supervision of an experienced team member, who can provide influential therapeutic experiences for each member. Individuals are matched to the proper goal based on their goals. Effective group models can include support groups, problem solving, psycho educational groups, and skills development groups.

The team at the NVTC delivers extensive educational sessions on alcohol and drug addiction for adults and adolescents. The educational program is implemented with an emphasis on helping people understand the addiction process, use recently developed strategies, and attain sobriety more comfortably with their peers.