Children are complex and unpredictable. There are no set instructions for taking care of every child. Parents may sometimes manage situations that they are not prepared to deal with. Therapy help can be necessary when growing children find obstacles in their development and parents have no clear solution. The Nova Vitae Treatment Center can help by providing therapy services at a reasonable price.

Children’s therapy focuses on developing interpersonal relationships between the child and his/her family members. This includes measuring how effectively they communicate and relate with each other. The needs and concerns of the child are addressed, while the family is also allowed to grow. Childhood involves a number of physical and psychological development milestones. Constant love and support from parents or guardians is encouraged to assist children in their development.

Changes in the body can result in physical development and behavioral issues. Medications can help, but they are not the most preferred solution. Parents can make nutritional adjustments as well because studies have shown a healthy diet can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. Some children seek children or additional independence. In these cases, it is important for the child and parent to establish a middle ground in therapy.

The Nova Vitae Treatment Center provides psychotherapy services addressing children’s issues and is partnered with numerous community programs to improve relationships and restore healthy lives. These include parenting groups for all family members or couples.

Nova Vitae offers a parenting group for parents, grandparents and caregivers who want to improve their parenting skills. We offer a six-week session, one and one-half hours each session with time to discuss your personal issues.

Additional information can be found by calling (818) 824-6839.