A behavioral addiction is a term referring to a circumstance where any activity is performed by an individual to the exclusion of others. It is a deep psychological problem that frequently endangers the health of the individual. Generally, mental health disorders can result in such severe addictions.

Common physical or psychological addictions can be based on activities such as the consumption of chemicals, alcohol, drugs, medications, and eating. The Nova Vitae Treatment Center works directly with affected individuals and their families through addiction treatments provided on a consistent basis.

Patients receiving treatment can interact with counselors through digital and virtual means via video conferencing. Each patient will have a secure account in which they can meet with certified clinical physicians and medical care professionals.

Behavioral addictions can also stem from pre-existing psychological problems. Face-to-face mental health sessions at the NVTC are focused on resolving any personal or mental health issues that may be causing the addiction.

In addition, comprehensive drug and alcohol treatments are provided for both adults and adolescents. Our clinic in Los Angeles is highly specialized in treating mental health and substance use disorders. If you or a loved one is experiencing a behavioral addiction that is presenting a health risk, please call our office at (818) 824-6839 or schedule a consultation today.