The Nova Vitae Treatment Center sees patients who have a history of anxiety disorders. This problem is characterized by excessive worrying thoughts or concerns about specific events. These worries arise from time to time and may be persistent. For patients, anxiety can be difficult to manage and it can result in physical symptoms such as fatigue, concentration difficulties, and muscle tension.

We work closely with patients by providing therapy for their thoughts connected to anxiety. We provide treatment options that offer short-term resolutions for problems causing emotional and physiological anxiety. We use a goal-oriented and systematic approach to diffusing behaviors and thoughts related to anxiety.

Another component of anxiety is trauma. This is defined as any upsetting event that has leaves a long-term impact on the individual. There are various types of trauma, including family tragedy, emotional abuse, physical abuse, wartime, sexual abuse, or witnessing a malicious act. Trauma therapy helps relieves the symptoms of trauma. They can include fear, emotional numbness, nightmares, flashbacks, and intense or sudden angry reactions. Trauma therapy provided at Nova Vitae Treatment Center involves individual therapy sessions that help affected individuals cope with the shock and pain of a past event or experience. It also establishes the foundation for long-term healing.

Grief is a reaction to a personal and close loss. It can range from a number of emotions, including sadness and anger. Individuals have different experiences in adapting to loss, some may be successful while others become less organized, feel tired, or have difficulties concentrating. Grief counseling is a form of therapy that is necessary to help affected individuals resolve the disabling feelings they experience after a loss. It is effective to teach individuals about coping with loss and managing the symptoms through relaxation and meditation exercises.

Medication may occasionally be required in psychotherapy. Utilizing medication with anxiety therapy can be effective in managing severe conditions. The Nova Vitae Treatment Center works with a number of medical doctors who specialize in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

Excessive anxiety can be an obstruction to daily life. If you have anxiety problems that are interfering with your day-to-day activities, please call or visit our walk-in clinic for an evaluation.