What is Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse results from the sensation of tolerance, in which individuals increase their consumption of alcohol with no consideration for the limit they can have before feeling the effects. Over time, more alcohol is consumed as the level of tolerance grows. This tolerance grows and develops into an addiction.

Individuals addicted to alcohol may be unable to satisfy the craving until they consume the amount their body desires. Based in the Los Angeles area, the Nova Vitae Treatment Center organizes preventative intervention plans to help affected individuals avoid the path towards alcoholism. Relapse prevention is one of the goals of our treatment program. Long-term recovery is based on eliminating the physical dependence on the alcohol and set the stage for extensive sobriety.

How can Intervention Help?

The prevention or intervention plan incorporates positive peer influence, education groups, and gender-specialized sessions to help alcoholics bond with peers who share their problem. This allows the affected individuals to uncover the root leads to their drinking.

In treating an alcohol addiction, digitalized care is also provided. This includes online group therapies, counseling, and mental health treatments.

If you know a loved one who is affected by the dangerous risks of alcohol addiction, you can contact the Nova Vitae Treatment Center. Our office is located in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area. We can be contacted at (818) 824-6839