After Treatment and Alumni Program

After you have completed any of our treatment programs, we recommend you enroll in the Nova Vitae Treatment Center Alumni Program. Recovering from addiction is a lifelong process that becomes manageable only by using the tools you learn in treatment and recovery.

When addicts leave treatment, they may still have trouble functioning in society. Our Aftercare and Alumni Program keeps our clients connected and engaged in the recovery process.

Long-Term Sobriety is Possible

Along with our Alumni Program, we suggest incorporating 12 step meetings and/or an outpatient program into your aftercare plan.

By attending 12 step meetings regularly, recovery becomes part of your routine and social life, and stays fresh in your mind, while cravings for drugs and alcohol lessen with time.

Relapse prevention is an essential component of a successful aftercare program. There’s a saying that if you’re not working on your recovery, you’re probably working on a relapse.

Sober Living Options

Sober living homes are a great tool to stay accountable and provide structure to your life after treatment. Nova Vitae Treatment Center offers referrals to many reputable sober living homes as well as extended aftercare treatment programs. Before you discharge from our program, you will be advised to meet with our discharge planner who will help you orchestrate an effective plan for long-term sobriety.