The treatment specialists at Nova Vitae are dedicated to providing effective, individualized treatment programs for clients experiencing the consequences of addiction. We are here to provide your solution to extensive or life-damaging addiction problems. We accept patients covered by Aetna.

Aetna is a high quality insurance program that offers covered patients numerous benefits. You will have various amenities that will improve your treatment experience and manage healthcare expense more efficiently. Aetna provides consistent customer service support as well disease prevention programs and emergency hospital access.

To shop for additional plans, you can use the Aetna Planshopper. This provides 24-hour emergency health assistance, mobile health records, and optimal data management.

Nova Vitae is proud to bring exceptional addiction treatment experiences to patients. Our philosophy is centered on guiding you or your loved one towards the path to a brighter, happiness-filled future.

If addiction has made its impact on the life of you or a loved one, please call Nova Vitae to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.