Adolescents or young adults can be prone to experiencing the type of emotions that their parents can. It is often difficult for adults to understand the changing emotions that their children experience. The mind, emotions, coping skills, and perspective that adolescents possess continue to change at a rapid pace. Emotional problems may eventually result in a dependency on alcohol or drugs.

Falling grades, behavior problems, or associations with suspicious friends may be an indicator of a mental health disorder the child may be experiencing. It is up to the parents to find the right time to intervene and guide their children away from a path of addiction, crime, injury, or death.

Located in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area, the Nova Vitae Treatment Center specializes in addressing the internal causes that lead to adolescent mental health disorders. Counseling sessions are provided concurrently with family meetings so each side can work closely with each other. Group sessions are also conducted online over a secure connection. This cuts travel time and expenses, which improves communication between and within families.

Counseling sessions are also available to teens via video conference from their home. The same technology is utilized for family meetings as well.

At the NVTC, we provide solutions that encompass the field of mental health treatment, addiction treatment, youth alcohol abuse, drug abuse, and co-occurring mental health disorders. We are a recognized leader in working with adolescents to resolve any disorders that drive them to seek out alcohol and drugs.

We are available throughout the Los Angeles area to deliver extensive mental health care services for adolescents. If you or a loved one is experiencing disorders that are resulting in drug or alcohol abuse, please call us at (818) 824-6839 today to schedule a consultation.