An addiction problem is prevalent when a substance or alcohol is repeatedly consumed. This is diagnosed by the consumption of drugs and alcohol to relieve feelings of anxiety or depression. Substance abuse has proven to worsen mental health problems and render antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications ineffective.

The Nova Vitae Treatment Center is certified in providing precise addiction treatments that address the root of the problem. When a substance abuse or mental health problem is detected, they are treated simultaneously using an integrated approach. By combining peer support, coping skills, and education, an addiction can be marginalized to allow the affected individual to recover.

Outside of drugs and alcohol, prescription drugs can also be the cause of addiction problems. Pain killers are a frequent case in this scenario. Medical detoxification is available for patients experiencing this specific concern. This solution eliminates the physical dependence the body may display towards a particular drug. The treatment is followed up with a recovery plan that addresses the psychological aspects of the addiction.

During the recovery process, it is important to watch your diet and avoid foods that contain salmonella and other contaminants. This bacterium can infect your intestines and cause food poisoning, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea, and nausea. The symptoms can last for days and can be more severe in groups such as young children, elderly adults, and those with chronic diseases.

Individualized treatment provided at Nova Vitae Treatment Center accommodates every component of an individual’s life. Treatment can be shaped by physical, emotional, developmental, familial, social, and cultural factors. We will develop working clinical relationships with each client and form personal treatment plans based on their individual goals. Every addiction and mental health concern comes with a different story, which means each step of an individual treatment plan must be tailored to the client’s unique case. There is no true standard or uniform treatment plan that works for everybody.

As one of the largest detox centers in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley area, the Nova Vitae Treatment Center provides information and available treatments for patients at risk from or experiencing an addiction problem. If you are concerned about a possible addiction for you or a loved one, please call us today to experience our integrated approach to managing addiction problems.