The Nova Vitae Treatment Center was built on a passion for providing the most comprehensive level of care to patients around the nation. The drug and alcohol specialists based at our center are highly experienced in delivering the most precise and needs-focused solutions to addiction problems. We are long-serving members of the Los Angeles County and San Fernando Valley areas, with familiar and new patients stepping into our doors every day.

The team at the NVTC is composed of established addiction treatment specialists whose expertise includes mental health, drug addiction, intervention, alcohol abuse, HIV, and more. The success we have enjoyed in applying our needs-based approach to care has produced phenomenal results. Our recognition in the field is unparalleled in the San Fernando Valley area.

Our world class facility is recognized by the State of California and works with local community-based programs to provide individualized care. The services our center specializes in are shaped by the extensive training our detox specialists have received. These include experiences in mental health counseling, prevention, substance abuse treatment, mental health assessments, and domestic violence education.

The Nova Vitae Treatment Center is based around the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley areas, serving patients from numerous age ranges. If a medical or addiction concern is affecting you, please call us today to schedule your next appointment.