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The Nova Vitae Treatment Center has served the Los Angeles County and San Fernando Valley area for years and works with profound diligence in healthcare and addiction treatment services. We are composed of a team of addiction specialists whose focus is geared towards helping those recover from medical problems and addiction risks.

The substance abuse and medical treatments we specialize in are available to patients from across numerous age ranges, including adults and young adolescents. Our team cooperates with community centers and organizations in establishing a level of care focused on the specific needs of the patient. Our addiction treatments encompass various areas of attention, including drug abuse, alcohol, prescription overdose, cocaine, etc.

If you or a loved one is affected by the consequences of an addiction, our office possesses the available solutions. We offer a number of amenities at our center to ensure an experience that satisfies your essential needs.

The Nova Vitae Treatment Center is recognized as a leading resource for world class medical care and addiction treatments. Please call us today at (818) 824-6839 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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Rehab can Save Lives

Unfortunately our younger generations are becoming more indifferent to the dangers of drug addiction. Call us to make an informed decision on how to treat a problem with drug or alcohol abuse.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Los Angeles

My son was having problems with drug abuse for a long time. I didn’t know which solution to turn to until I discovered the Nova Vitae Treatment Center. The professionals here were wonderful in working with him and getting his life back on track.

Barry W.,
Parent of a Recovered Patient

I had a serious addiction for depression medications that was threatening my social life. I was glad to have found the services of the Nova Vitae Treatment Center before things got worse. Now, my well-being is steadily improving and I’m enjoying the company of my family again.

Jill P.,
Recovered Patient

Providing the Community With Mental Health Counseling at Reasonable Fees.

Counseling is a critical part of addiction treatment. Our reasonably priced psychotherapy services can help you and your loved ones break cycles of dependence by building trust and solid communication skills. We are part of the Regal Medical Group and Lakeside Community Healthcare insurance network, and also accept PPO private health insurance.